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Our Journey

Derrick Green is the creator of Waffles and Whatnot, a true labor of love, inspired by three women in his life. Derrick was the sole caregiver for his first wife, Shirili, as she battled cancer for 6 years. Between the nausea from chemotherapy and strict dietary requirements, it was difficult finding food she could tolerate and enjoy. Meanwhile, Derrick's mother and grandmother each battled illnesses of their own, and neither were going to change their diets to kale and quinoa. So, Derrick set out to find a better option—a delicious, healthy, nourishing version of the American-style comfort foods that his family enjoyed. 
The very first WAWN waffle was cooked up in Derrick's home kitchen for his wife. It was delicious and packed with nutrition to give her everything she needed in just a few bites. Then, he moved on to other recipes that catered to additional diets like ketogenic, celiac, and diabetic so his entire family could come together and share a meal again without sacrificing taste or experience.

The legacy of these women lives on in WAWN. We make nourishing, gourmet soul food for nearly every diet and offer a community gathering place where families, friends, and neighbors can connect and build memories. Now, every family can bring the WAWN experience home by shopping our gourmet mixes and meal kits directly on our site. 


"In 2016, I created Waffles and Whatnot to serve as a social enterprise that realizes our motto, 'No Gimmicks, Just Greatness.' Each WAWN associate is dedicated to bettering the world around them and is dedicated to our mission of changing lives one amazing experience at a time.

WAWN is devoted to giving back to each and every community that helps make our company a success. A portion of every dollar you spend with us becomes an agent of community change. Thank you for empowering us to make a true impact on the communities in which we live and work. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you."


  • Derrick entered the US Army in 1998 and served 21 years as an active duty Military Policeman
  • He is an advocate for veteran suicide prevention, mental health, and sexual assault survivors
  • One of his many charitable activities included a 22-day walk to raise awareness for veteran suicide
  • His community-minded approach is seen through many public events and activities, including a cultural potluck & talent show that he organized in Mt. View, which is America's most diverse city. The event brought together people from all walks of life for a cultural arts experience.
  • Derrick was invited to join the Facebook Small Business Council as a founding member.